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Eftsure has partnered with upcover to help you find comprehensive Cyber insurance for your business
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What coverage can I get as a customer of eftsure through upcover?

upcover offers tailored coverages to hundreds of business types of all sizes, including startups and scale-ups. The following coverages are most commonly sought out by tech businesses:
Professional Indemnity, Public & Product Liability, Cyber Insurance and Management Liability Insurance.
Professional Indemnity

Most startups or scaleups require technology indemnity to protect them consequences of giving incorrect professional advice or services to clients

General Liability

Protects you and your startups and scaleups against any liability if someone is injured on your premises or while you are providing your services

Cyber & Privacy Liability

Protects your activity from cyber incident response costs, cyber extortion, invoice frauds, ransom payment, cyber crime and so much more

Director & Officers

Protects executive directors, non-executive directors, Company Secretary or employees involved in the management of the organisation

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Commonly asked questions

Why is Professional Indemnity insurance important?

The Professional Indemnity cover upcover offers on our platform is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of a technology enabled business. This coverage is designed to safeguard your business against the financial impacts of potential claims arising from allegations of professional negligence or misconduct. For a tech startup, professional indemnity or technology indemnity is most commonly activated when there is a bug, product failure or product issue causing loss for a client, and they decide to take legal action against your business.

The professional indemnity policy provides protection, handling the legal costs and any required settlements or compensation you might need to pay. This cover allows your startup to operate with confidence, knowing they have protection in place, should they face such challenging situations. Even when your company isn’t actually at fault, going to court and building a defence is still a costly experience, and a technology focussed professional indemnity policy can help you better manage such a situation.

What is the Public & Products Liability insurance that upcover offers?

The Public & Products Liability Insurance we offer is designed to protect businesses from the unique challenges they face. It provides coverage for any legal liability incurred as a result of third-party injuries or property damage arising from your business operations or from the products your activity sells or supplies. This means, if someone were to get injured using your product, or if there's an accident at your premises leading to property damage or personal injury, this policy would cover the associated legal and compensation costs. This cover is essential for businesses, providing financial protection and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What is Cyber & Privacy Liability insurance that upcover offers?

The Cyber & Privacy Liability Insurance we offer is tailored specifically to support businesses in an increasingly digital business landscape. This policy protects against financial losses resulting from cyber incidents such as data breaches, cybercrime, cyber extortion, and more. It also covers expenses related to data and application restoration after a cyber incident. In the event of a security failure causing business interruption, this policy provides coverage for the losses incurred. Given the prevalence of cyber threats and the potentially significant impact they can have on businesses, this cover offers critical protection for your business in the digital age.

What is the Director & Officers insurance that upcover offers?

The Directors & Officers Insurance we offer is designed to safeguard the business and their leadership teams. This policy provides coverage for claims made against directors, officers, and managers of your business. It also extends to protect your company and its subsidiaries against liability claims. Furthermore, this policy includes cover for Employment Practices Liability, which guards your company against claims made by prospective, current, or past employees including unfair dismissal and wrongful terminations. With additional features such as Tax Audit Cover and Comprehensive Crime Cover, this insurance product is specifically designed to provide a robust shield against a range of potential legal and financial threats that could impact your business. By offering protection for your key personnel and business, this policy ensures the business can continue their operations with confidence.

Who is upcover?

upcover is an insurtech that works with the oldest insurance markets and global leaders in insurance innovation. All insurance products are underwritten by ProRisk, CFC etc. Our aim at upcover is to make it super easy for small businesses to buy insurance and be well-informed about their choices.

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