Cyber & Privacy Liability Insurance

Perfect for business owners or contractors, cyber & privacy liability insurance covering 4000+ types of businesses.

PROTECTS you for

How does this insurance protect your business from cyber crime?

Business outage

A cyber attack that locks you out of your system causes your business to shut down for a period of 3 months until it's resolved.

Ransom payment

Your system is hijacked and they hold your data ransom, threatening to delete it if you don't pay.

Incident response

Your data is breached resulting in information of 1,000's of customers being leaked, damaging your clients' reputations.


What is not covered (exclusions) under upcover's cyber & privacy liability insurance policy?

Anti-competitive behaviour

Any actual or alleged antitrust violation, restraint of trade, unfair competition, false, deceptive or unfair trade practices, violation of consumer protection laws or false or deceptive advertising.

Intellectual property

Theft, infringement, violation, misappropriation (including loss of potential future sales) or loss of or the reduction in economic or market value of any of your intellectual property rights, assets or data including, but not limited to, patent, copyright, trademark, registered design and trade secret.

Property damage

Any actual or alleged damage to or loss of use of any tangible property including the cost of repairing any hardware or replacing any tangible property or equipment that forms part of, or is used in connection with, your computer system.

*For all policy exclusions, please refer to the policy wording and general terms & conditions.
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