Our Mission

Bringing business insurance into the 21st century by making it accessible for any business or platform to offer insurance that’s simple, easy and affordable.

Australia's fastest insurance for small businesses

Our passionate team is building upcover from the ground up as we embark on a mission to transform the small business insurance landscape in Australia by changing how the small businesses, startups and independent contractors working with enterprises and on-demand platforms protect themselves.

We enable any online business, brand or marketplace to become distributors of insurance products and offer marketing leading cover, right in their own experience.

Meet the Makers

Our Team

We are a team of insurance geeks, software engineers and actuaries with decades of experience building and launching insurance products, scaling technology products and e-commerce marketplaces.

Skye Theodorou

Co-founder / CEO
Skye is the life behind upcover. With her former stints at Zurich Insurance and NSW Govt., Skye leads our team. When she isn’t working, you can find her running along the beautiful beaches in Coffs Harbour or spending time with family.

Anish Sinha

Co-founder / COO
Anish is the glue that binds the team together. With his former experience at Goldman Sachs and nearbuy.com, Anish looks after everything product, finance and operations. At our HQ or out of it, you’ll always be able to chat with Anish on almost anything.

Sajjad Naveed

Chief Technology Officer
As a computer scientist and agile evangelist, Sajjad has 10 years of experience in successfully building end-user apps that have reached millions of users. On the days he doesn’t come in, Sajjad's probably off exploring something new across Australia.

Matteo Pinna

Product Operations Specialist
Matteo is upcover's community manager par excellence! Originally from Italy, Matteo holds a Master's in Theoretical Physics, loves to cook (did someone say pizza!), and is passionate about community building and teaching kids.

Kshitij Chauhan

Software Engineer
A polyglot open-source enthusiast, Kshitij interests span a wide variety of technologies. While he is attending his final year as an undergrad at DTU, you can chat with him all night about Formula 1 or learn everything about coding.

Junaid Nadeem

Software Engineer
Junaid is our absolute pro front end engineer and loves all things tech. When not coding-building-hacking, he enjoys watching soccer and is a die hard Real Madrid fan.

Egbe Cornelius

UI / UX Designer
Egbe is from Nigeria and one of the pillars of our product & design team. An avid animator who loves design and graphics, Egbe is always experimenting with new ways to make everything on upcover look more beautiful and user friendly.

Hassan Zahid

Software Engineer
Hassan is our go to front end engineer for our platforms partner offering and an exceptional builder & designer all rolled into one complete package. An avid foodie, when not snacking (and coding), he loves to hit the gym!

Aliya Almas

Software Engineer
Aliya is the newest addition to our backend team, has recently graduated university and likes to read Russian classics. Aliya loves hiking (if its not too cold) in the beautiful mountains of Kazakstan and writing.

Musa Joshua

Software Engineer
Joshua joins us from Abuja, Nigeria and can easily count as one of the most curious engineers on the team. As part of the frontend team, Joshua is responsible for all things frontend on upcover's website and web application. A big Lebron James fan, Joshua loves Silicon Valley (HBO) and is an avid Liverpool fan!

Meruyert Tlemissova

Software Engineer
Meruyert is the most recent hire at upcover and joins our engineering team from Kazakstan. She loves to write code, travel (she is currently backpacking through Turkey) and at upcover, she works with our frontend team to make our insurance applications come to life for our users.

Nargiza Mirzabekova

Junior Product Analyst
Nargiza is passionate about working at the intersection of product and engineering. She is a nature lover who enjoys outdoor activities and long-distance road trips. Nargiza’s travel goals are to photograph the Northern Lights and a caravan trip around Australia.

Sarah Szep

Customer Success Specialist
Sarah lives to strive for success. Coming from a background in secondary HSC education, Sarah has now evolved her way into strategizing and developing the best ways to communicate, analyse and resolve customer inquiries. Sarah is located in Sydney and is currently in the process of developing a non-for-profit organisation for international rights for education.

William Kirsop

Chief of Staff
William is upcover's swiss army knife. He's had 10 years experience across two high-growth start-ups, where he held General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer roles. In his spare time, you can find William surfing, reading, or meditating.

Nuray Nabiyeva

Software Engineer
Nuray works with our frontend team, she likes coding and learning new things. Nuray enjoys dancing and wants to become good at it. She also likes walking in the parks, going on trips, and wants to travel the world.

Mostafa HonarmandJavan

Software Engineer
Mostafa is our most recent hire in the backend team and holds an MS in Computer Science Engineering with experience of working across a wide variety of technology stacks. Mostafa describes himself as incredibly curious and in his free time likes to play guitar and feast on Kebabs!

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