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Professional Indemnity Insurance
for Consultants

Instant consultants insurance with upcover


Provide your services with peace of mind

upcover saves time and effort by offering one affordable consultant insurance product that covers advice related complaints.

PROTECTS you for

How does this consultants insurance protect your business?

Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance for consultants
(Limits up to $5m and $10m available)

Professional indemnity protects you from claims made against your consulting business in the course of you providing your professional services.

Civil liability

A consultant is retained to assist in the oversight of a strategic project including the strategy's overall design and running this to a business critical deadline. Timelines overrun and the strategy does not prove to be beneficial to the business.


Your client alleges that you defamed them following a third party statement made, following your work assisting them negotiating strategic outcome with a challenging third party.

Breach of confidentiality

Your professional body investigates your conduct with a client following a complaint that a client's IP was shared with a potential competitor leading to an allegation of a breach of confidentiality and sharing IP of your client.


Other insurance requirements of a consultant?

Public & Product Liability Insurance

If your business involves interactions with the public or the provision of products, it is crucial to consider public and product liability insurance for consultants. Public & Products liability insurance for consultants offers coverage for losses or damages that may arise from incidents involving members of the public or the use of your products. It provides financial protection in the event of accidents, injuries, or property damage caused by your business operations.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If you have personal or sensitive information of your clients, you might also want to look at cyber liability insurance for consultants. Cyber liability insurance provides coverage from losses due to a cyber-attack event and legal protection from claims arising out of a cyber breach.

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