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What is covered under the Accountants & Bookkeepers insurance policy?

This insurance for accountants and bookkeepers includes professional indemnity cover and it encompasses protection for accountants and bookkeepers, whether they work independently or as part of an agency.

This insurance is designed to meet the unique needs of accountants and bookkeepers, suitable for those providing their services remotely, online, from their own premises, or as agents embedded within client organisations.
Civil Liability

Covers financial losses stemming from civil liability claims associated with the provision of your professional services.

Employee Fidelity

Covers direct financial loss your business incurs due to dishonest actions undertaken by an employee.


Cover extends to include  losses you may experience as a result of an investigation launched in response to accusations of defamation.

Statutory Liability

Protects you and your business from financial loss arising from claims by official bodies for statutory liability wrongful acts committed during the policy period.

Investigation Costs

Covers  you and your business from responding to an investigation by an official body.

other benefits

Value added benefits of the accountant or bookkeeper insurance policy

Contract Review

This entitles you to four contract reviews each year you have your professional indemnity insurance for accountants & bookkeepers. This can be used for any contract that might impact your insurance policy. An example of this might be retaining a contractor.

Complimentary Legal Advice

This provides 1 hour of complimentary legal advice to you each year from our insurance partner's panel of solicitors, for any matter which is notified to us and may become a claim.

Whistleblower Hotline

You and your business employees can access a Whistleblower Hotline that is provided by our insurance partner at no additional cost to you.


What is not covered (exclusions) under the accountants & bookkeepers insurance policy?

Intentional damage

It refers to the deliberate and purposeful actions taken to cause harm, destruction, or loss to someone's property, assets, or reputation.

Accidental injury and property damage

It refers to unforeseen harm or physical damage caused unintentionally., as a result of an unexpected event or accident, often due to factors beyond one's control.

Alcohol and Drugs

This excludes cover for any insurance claim that might arise from use of alcohol, illegal drugs, narcotics and intoxicants

*For all policy exclusions, please refer to the policy wording and general terms & conditions.

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