Insurance for General Contractor Businesses

Instant cover for general contractor businesses. Public & Products Liability insurance that protects you and your clients.


Protect what you've perfected over years of hard work!

upcover saves time and effort by offering one affordable insurance product that covers both third party injuries and advice related complaints.

PROTECTS you for

How does this insurance protect general contractor business owners?

upcover saves time and effort by offering one affordable insurance product that covers both third party injuries and product related liabilities.

upcover offers insurance that blends public liability and products liability insurance, offering you tailored insurance solutions for general contractors at affordable prices

Public & Products Liability insurance for construction professionals (Limits up to $20m)

Public liability insurance protects your general contractor business against liability if someone gets injured on your premises or while you are providing your services.
Products liability insurance is for claims made against your general contractor business for products supplied or sold by you to a third party. This might be a claim arising from a faulty product or a product that injured someone.

Public liability insurance covers cases including:

Third Party Injuries

You bring your apprentice to your clients property and they trip on the uneven floor, fracturing their elbow.

Property Damage

While removing your clients old lounge you accidentally scratch their brand new car.

Faulty Products

You supply your client with a trolley that breaks when they try and move their cabinet.


Other insurance requirements of a general contractor business?

Equipment insurance

Your general contractor business depends as much on having the right equipment as it does on your skills and prowess. Getting your equipment ready is an expensive and time-consuming process. Having done that, you want to ensure it's protected and that your investment remains safe. This is where equipment insurance comes into play.

This insurance protects your equipment - owned, rented or borrowed.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If you have personal or sensitive information of your clients, you might also want to look at cyber liability insurance. Cyber liability insurance provides coverage from losses due to a cyber-attack event and legal protection from claims arising out of a cyber breach.

Business package insurance

Business package insurance is aimed at business owners and is a comprehensive solution that protects owners against some of the main risks in running a business.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

Personal accident and illness insurance comes in handy for times you cannot work owing to an injury or illness.  

Personal accident and illness insurance helps with loss of income for periods you can't work.

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